Class NormalDistributionDataFeed

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    public class NormalDistributionDataFeed
    extends Object
    implements DataFeed
    DataFeed based on Normal Distribution from SSJ library.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NormalDistributionDataFeed

        public NormalDistributionDataFeed​(double mu,
                                          double sigma)
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      • getNextValue

        public Data getNextValue​(Object... params)
        Generates next value for Normal Distribution. If method is called with 0 params, then it generates random variate from normal distribution. If method is called with 1 or more arguments, distribution function evaluated at x = param[0]
        Specified by:
        getNextValue in interface DataFeed
        params - first param represents x value at which the distribution function is evaluated
        next evaluated value
      • getPreviousValue

        public Data getPreviousValue()
        Description copied from interface: DataFeed
        Returns last generated value from DataFeed. Important for easy comparison between new and previous values.
        Specified by:
        getPreviousValue in interface DataFeed
        last generated value
      • setLabel

        public void setLabel​(String label)
        Description copied from interface: DataFeed
        Sets label for DataFeed
        Specified by:
        setLabel in interface DataFeed
        label - the label
      • getLabel

        public String getLabel()
        Description copied from interface: DataFeed
        Returns label for DataFeed
        Specified by:
        getLabel in interface DataFeed