Interface ActiveDevice

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    public interface ActiveDevice
    This interface provides possibility to simulate Device in time. Time intervals of data polling are determined from DataFeed. As Time Simulations requests data from Device with series of continuous tasks, the generated value itself is lost, therefore user is not able to get it as return value. This behavior requires use of DataObservable class and Observer Pattern.
    • Method Detail

      • start

        void start()
        Starts simulation process.
      • stop

        void stop()
        Stops simulation.
      • setDevice

        void setDevice​(Device device)
        Sets Device for TimeSimulation
        device - instance of Device
      • getDevice

        Device getDevice()
        Gets Device for TimeSimulation
        instance of Device
      • setTimeFeed

        void setTimeFeed​(DataFeed timeFeed)
        Sets DataFeed for TimeSimulation
        timeFeed - instance of DataFeed
      • getTimeFeed

        DataFeed getTimeFeed()
        Returns DataFeed for TimeSimulation
        instance of DataFeed