Class AbstractActuator

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractActuator

        public AbstractActuator​(String label)
    • Method Detail

      • requestData

        public List<Data> requestData​(Object... params)
        Description copied from interface: Device
        Pulls data from data feed. This method serves as handler for data from DataFeed. Forwards parameters for getNextValue method (see DataFeed.getNextValue).
        Specified by:
        requestData in interface Device
        params - for DataFeed computing
        a list of generated values
      • controlSignal

        public void controlSignal()
        Description copied from interface: Actuator
        Actuator is waiting for impulse to start simulation. After control signal it should change state for set duration of time.
        Specified by:
        controlSignal in interface Actuator
      • getStateMachine

        public StateMachine getStateMachine()
        Description copied from interface: Actuator
        Returns instance of StateMachine
        Specified by:
        getStateMachine in interface Actuator
        instance of StateMachine
      • setStateMachine

        public void setStateMachine​(StateMachine stateMachine)
        Description copied from interface: Actuator
        Sets StateMachine for Actuator
        Specified by:
        setStateMachine in interface Actuator
        stateMachine - machine internally used by actuator